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Scientific Support for Sustainable Development Policies: A Typology of Science-Policy Interfaces with Case Studies


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (SD) is a particularly complex socio-ecological concern, and no less complex than that is the question of how to organise effective and relevant scientific support for SD policies. Whilst science, as humanity’s ‘best guess’, is an essential prerequisite for developing a sustainable future, science–policy interfaces (SPIs) for sustainable development are still often inefficient, lacklustre or simply non-existent. Indeed, developing these interfaces is seldom a prime task of national governments. This study is intended, on the one hand, to provide a concise outlook and typology on how science–policy interfaces are organised in a variety of OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries, and on the other hand to respond to a systematic lack of discussion on the role of scientific knowledge in developing sustainable development policies.

In Sitra Studies, Sitra.